Are you ready to improve the profitability of your restaurant, pub or hotel?

If you’re like most hotel and restaurant owners I know you didn’t study accounting and IT at school.

Running a hotel and restaurant is difficult enough with all the different personalities involved, without worrying about profitability and accounting. You have found that managing this in-house can be expensive and can divert your attention away from all the other complexities.

This brought you to the realisation that there must be a better way.

Running a hotel, pub and restaurant involves more than just opening the doors and waiting for customers to pile in. You need to look after staff, look after clientele, find new clientele, deliver a high-quality service, negotiate with suppliers and make sure after all of this that you are actually making money.

Running hotels and restaurants is difficult and revenue is very volatile. Often you have one financial system saying everything is going well, then your profit and loss arrives and things are not as good as you thought.

When I began working with hotel operators 3 years ago, I didn’t realise how complex it was. However, what I did see was that there was one burden I could take away from hotel operators.

I began working on the financial systems of hotels and restaurants and made them communicate with each other. I used offshore staff to ensure the running of these systems was as cost effective as possible. I made sure hotel and restaurant owners could get back to running their business with the right information.

Over the past 3 years I’ve been helping hotels and restaurants become more profitable. I’ve worked with owners who have owned one hotel and who have owned many hotels.

If you’re looking for an accounting solution that will take the burden off you and increase your profit then you’re in the right place.

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